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Avalanche’s Artturi Lehkonen to Miss Extended Time Following Collision with Kraken’s Jamie Oleksiak

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In a twist of fate, the Colorado Avalanche find themselves facing a significant setback as they brace for the absence of forward Artturi Lehkonen. The promising player suffered an unfortunate injury during a heart-stopping collision with Seattle Kraken’s defenseman, Jamie Oleksiak, on a fateful Thursday night.

The incident unfolded in the second period of what would become a 4-3 loss for the Avalanche against the Kraken. As the game unfolded, Oleksiak and Lehkonen converged on a loose puck in the corner, setting the stage for a dramatic moment in the world of hockey.

A jarring bump by Oleksiak sent Lehkonen off balance, causing him to careen headfirst into the unforgiving boards before ultimately collapsing onto the ice. The arena held its collective breath as Lehkonen was slowly assisted to his feet and subsequently transported to a hospital. Fortunately, the outcome was not as dire as it appeared at first glance, with Lehkonen avoiding a more severe injury.

Nonetheless, Colorado’s head coach, Jared Bednar, delivered sobering news on a Saturday press conference, revealing that Lehkonen’s road to recovery would span over several weeks. Bednar expressed, “We’re still gathering information, but he’s gonna miss weeks. Can’t give you a timeline yet.”

Interestingly, Bednar also addressed the question of whether Oleksiak’s actions constituted a dirty play. In a gesture of sportsmanship, the coach defended the Kraken’s player, attributing the collision to the challenging conditions of the ice rather than malicious intent, saying, “Yeah, I don’t think it’s a penalty. I just think it’s the ice they’re making contact in there. Just the way he loses his footing and goes in headfirst.”

Prior to this unforeseen setback, Lehkonen had been enjoying a stellar start to his second full season with the Avalanche. In 12 games preceding the injury, he had showcased his prowess with three goals and five assists, playing a pivotal role in Colorado’s top six.

Now, as the Avalanche stand at 8-4-0, they face the daunting task of maintaining their competitive edge, especially with the Dallas Stars breathing down their necks atop the Central Division. Lehkonen’s absence will undoubtedly test the depth and resilience of the team as they navigate these challenging times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Injury

What happened to Artturi Lehkonen during the game against the Seattle Kraken?

Artturi Lehkonen suffered an injury during the game against the Seattle Kraken after a collision with Jamie Oleksiak. He lost his footing, went headfirst into the boards, and collapsed on the ice.

How long will Artturi Lehkonen be out of the game due to this injury?

Colorado Avalanche’s head coach, Jared Bednar, mentioned that Lehkonen will be out for “weeks” while he recovers. However, no specific timeline has been provided.

Was Jamie Oleksiak’s collision with Lehkonen considered a dirty play?

Coach Jared Bednar defended Oleksiak, stating that it wasn’t a penalty and that it was an unfortunate incident caused by the challenging ice conditions rather than malicious intent.

How was Artturi Lehkonen performing before the injury?

Before the injury, Artturi Lehkonen had a strong start to his second full season with the Avalanche, tallying three goals and five assists in 12 games.

How will Lehkonen’s absence impact the Colorado Avalanche?

Lehkonen’s absence will pose a challenge for the Avalanche, as they will need to find a way to maintain their competitive edge in the Central Division standings with the Dallas Stars as they navigate through this setback.

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