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Check This Out: Cale Makar Takes Center Ice as NHL 24 Cover Star, Joining Colorado’s Elite

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From draft pick to dazzling defenseman, Cale Makar’s journey through the NHL has been nothing short of legendary. And now, as if his list of accomplishments wasn’t already impressive, he’s scoring another major victory by becoming the face of EA Sports’ NHL 24 video game.

In a move that has fans cheering louder than a stadium full of die-hard supporters, EA Sports made the exhilarating announcement on Monday: Cale Makar, the Colorado Avalanche sensation, will be gracing the cover of NHL 24. That’s right, the man whose skills on ice are as mesmerizing as a perfectly executed guitar solo will now be the visual anthem of the gaming world.

But wait, there’s history-making icing on the cake! Makar’s ascension to cover athlete status makes him only the second player from the Avalanche franchise to achieve this digital honor. The first to blaze this trail was none other than Peter Forsberg, way back in the frosty year of 1998. It seems like Colorado’s legacy of producing hockey legends continues, both on and off the virtual ice.

_xD83E__xDD6C_ Behold Cale _xD83E__xDD6C_ #NHL24

With a Stanley Cup under his belt, a Norris Trophy proudly displayed, and now officially crowned as the NHL 24 Cover Athlete, Makar’s meteoric rise is unstoppable.

Mark your calendar for the grand reveal on 8/16 ➡️ https://t.co/PM1LlFQRAu pic.twitter.com/OFLox3Fym8

— EA SPORTS NHL (@EASPORTSNHL) August 14, 2023

As anticipation simmers like a pot of hearty game-day chili, fans can look forward to a riveting trailer drop for NHL 24 on Wednesday. Prepare your popcorn and your vocal cords because it’s about to get loud in the gaming universe!

Stepping onto the virtual ice, Makar joins an elite group of defensemen who’ve rocked the cover over the past two decades. He’s not just playing in the game; he’s front and center on the packaging. The last time the defensemen realm had this much representation was when Dion Phaneuf headlined NHL 09, and P.K. Subban commanded the spotlight for NHL 19. Of course, let’s not forget that Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks and the shining star of Canada’s women’s national team, Sarah Nurse, dazzled the cover of NHL 23.

Coming off a season that could only be described as a scoring symphony, Makar registered a whopping 66 points (17 goals and 49 assists). However, like a character in a blockbuster movie, he faced his share of challenges, including a concussion and a lower-body injury that kept him benched for a chunk of the 2022-23 season. Yet, even with these obstacles, Makar managed to claim sixth place in the goals department (17) and a respectable ninth place in total points (66) among his fellow NHL defensemen.

Flashback to the year 2017, when Makar was chosen as the No. 4 pick in the NHL Draft. Since his debut, he’s churned out an impressive 246 points (65 goals and 181 assists) across four electrifying seasons. And awards? Oh, he’s got a collection that rivals a Hollywood A-lister. There’s the Norris Trophy, earned for being the crème de la crème of defensemen in the 2021-22 season. Not to mention the Calder Trophy, which crowned him the NHL’s top rookie in 2019-20. As if that weren’t enough, he snatched the Conn Smythe Trophy for being the MVP of the playoffs in 2022. And not one, but two All-Star honors to top it all off.

Makar’s journey is like a blockbuster film franchise – action-packed, full of twists, and a guaranteed box office hit. So, gear up for a gaming experience that’s about to reach legendary status, thanks to the man who’s as comfortable on the virtual ice as he is on the real one. Game on, Makar! _xD83C__xDFD2__xD83C__xDFAE_

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gaming Triumph

Who is featured on the cover of NHL 24?

Cale Makar, a standout defenseman for the Colorado Avalanche, is the cover athlete for NHL 24.

Is this Makar’s first appearance on a video game cover?

No, Cale Makar is the second player from the Colorado Avalanche franchise to grace the cover. The first was Peter Forsberg in 1998.

When will the NHL 24 trailer be released?

The NHL 24 trailer is set to be released on Wednesday, adding to the excitement surrounding the game.

How does Makar’s achievement compare with other defensemen?

Cale Makar joins a select group of defensemen featured on the NHL game cover in the past two decades, marking his place among the greats.

What were Makar’s stats in the last season?

In the previous season, Cale Makar impressively registered 66 points, including 17 goals and 49 assists, despite facing challenges like injuries.

What awards has Makar won during his career?

Cale Makar’s already remarkable career boasts several awards, including the Norris Trophy, Calder Trophy, and Conn Smythe Trophy.

How has Makar performed since his debut?

Since his debut, Cale Makar has showcased his skills, amassing an impressive 246 points over four NHL seasons.

What sets Makar apart as a player?

Cale Makar’s journey mirrors that of a blockbuster movie, filled with highlights, awards, and an undeniable impact on the game.

What can fans expect from NHL 24 with Makar as the cover athlete?

NHL 24 promises an unforgettable gaming experience with Cale Makar as its cover star, combining sports and gaming excitement.

What’s the release date for NHL 24?

Stay tuned for more details about the release date of NHL 24, featuring Cale Makar on the cover.

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wow cale makar is really makin a name for himself! nhl24 cover? so cool. hope he keeps rockin those goals!


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