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Rare Sign-and-Trade Move: Damon Severson Joins Blue Jackets from Devils

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The New Jersey Devils have made an interesting move in the NHL by signing defenseman Damon Severson to a lucrative eight-year, $50 million contract extension. However, they have immediately traded him to the Columbus Blue Jackets in a sign-and-trade deal, a rare occurrence in the league. In exchange for Severson, the Blue Jackets will send the Devils a 2023 third-round pick (No. 80 overall).

Severson was expected to be one of the sought-after unrestricted free agents when the market opens on July 1. The seasoned defenseman had a productive season with the Devils, contributing 33 points (seven goals, 26 assists) in 81 games. His most impressive performance came during the 2021-22 season when he achieved a career-high 46 points (11 goals, 35 assists).

Having been drafted by the Devils as the No. 60 pick in the 2012 NHL Draft, Severson has spent his entire nine-year career in New Jersey, amassing 58 goals and 205 assists. In September 2017, he signed a six-year, $25 million deal with the franchise.

Sign-and-trade deals are uncommon in the NHL, and this move marks the second consecutive offseason where such a transaction has taken place. In the previous summer, the Calgary Flames signed star forward Matthew Tkachuk to an eight-year, $76 million contract extension before trading him to the Florida Panthers.

One of the notable sign-and-trade deals in NHL history involved Marian Hossa, who was playing for the Ottawa Senators at the time. In 2005, Hossa signed a three-year, $18 million contract with the Senators before being traded to the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for All-Star forward Dany Heatley.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about sign-and-trade NHL move

What is a sign-and-trade move in the NHL?

A sign-and-trade move in the NHL refers to a transaction where a player is signed to a contract extension by one team and immediately traded to another team. It allows teams to acquire desired players while utilizing the salary cap rules effectively.

How rare are sign-and-trade moves in the NHL?

Sign-and-trade moves are relatively rare in the NHL. They occur infrequently and are usually notable events in the league’s offseason transactions.

Who did the New Jersey Devils sign and trade in this move?

The New Jersey Devils signed defenseman Damon Severson to an eight-year, $50 million contract extension and traded him to the Columbus Blue Jackets in this specific sign-and-trade move.

What did the Columbus Blue Jackets give up in the trade for Damon Severson?

In exchange for Damon Severson, the Columbus Blue Jackets sent a 2023 third-round pick (No. 80 overall) to the New Jersey Devils.

How long has Damon Severson been with the New Jersey Devils?

Damon Severson has spent his entire nine-year career in the NHL with the New Jersey Devils since being drafted by them in 2012.

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