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Devils Embrace PB&J Theme Following Jack Hughes’ Praise of Jesper Bratt’s Synergy

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Jack Hughes, the New Jersey Devils’ standout player, recently praised the synergy he shares with his teammate Jesper Bratt, likening it to a “peanut butter and jelly” partnership. The Devils have playfully embraced this analogy by offering PB&J sandwiches at their home venue, the Prudential Center.

It’s officially PB&J day at The Rock!

Yes, you heard that right – PB&J sandwiches are now available at concessions. Grab your Perfect Bratt & Jack sandwich at sections 1 and 101. pic.twitter.com/pT04zyM3cT

— New Jersey Devils (@NJDevils) December 17, 2023

This humorous gesture comes in the wake of the Devils’ recent 2-1 overtime triumph against the Boston Bruins. In that game, Hughes, who initially struggled with no shots on goal, made a stunning comeback in the overtime period. He fired five shots, ultimately scoring the decisive goal with an assist from Bratt.

“Playing with Bratter is incredible; we just get each other,” Hughes commented. “Though we haven’t partnered up much in recent weeks, our chemistry instantly reignites when we’re on the ice together. It’s like combining peanut butter and jelly – a perfect match.”

Devils’ coach Lindy Ruff, when prompted to create a similar analogy, humorously referred to the duo as “water bugs” for their agility and quick movements. He also playfully tossed in other combinations like “peanut butter and jelly” and “ham and cheese.”

Before Sunday’s match against the Anaheim Ducks, Ruff was quizzed about which of the two players represented peanut butter and which jelly. Ruff, taking the query in stride, humorously remarked, “I’m still pondering over it. Perhaps I’ll have an answer after tonight’s game.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NJ Devils PB&J

Why are the New Jersey Devils selling PB&J sandwiches?

The New Jersey Devils started selling PB&J sandwiches at the Prudential Center as a playful nod to Jack Hughes’ description of his on-ice chemistry with teammate Jesper Bratt, which he likened to a “peanut butter and jelly” partnership.

What inspired the NJ Devils’ PB&J theme?

Jack Hughes’ analogy of his synergy with Jesper Bratt being like “peanut butter and jelly” after their performance in a game against the Boston Bruins inspired the NJ Devils to adopt the PB&J theme at their concessions.

Where can fans purchase the PB&J sandwiches at Prudential Center?

Fans can purchase the PB&J sandwiches, humorously named the Perfect Bratt & Jack, at sections 1 and 101 inside the Prudential Center.

What did Lindy Ruff, coach of the Devils, say about Hughes and Bratt’s partnership?

Lindy Ruff described Hughes and Bratt’s partnership using playful analogies, referring to them as “water bugs” for their agility and also mentioned “peanut butter and jelly” and “ham and cheese” in jest.

Has coach Lindy Ruff decided who is the peanut butter and who is the jelly in the Hughes-Bratt partnership?

As of the latest game against the Anaheim Ducks, coach Lindy Ruff humorously remarked that he was still contemplating who represents the peanut butter and who the jelly in the Hughes-Bratt partnership.

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