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John Tortorella Slams Flyers Fans Who Requested Him to Tank: ‘It is Asinine’

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Philadelphia Flyers fans really want their team to get the best player in the 2023 NHL Draft by having the first overall pick, but Head Coach John Tortorella doesn’t support that idea. He said he has received letters from fans encouraging him to make bad decisions in order for this dream to come true, but he isn’t happy at all with that line of thought.

Tortorella said, “I get a lot of mail that I don’t believe. So please stop sending me mail about ‘tanking’. It’s not real. Professional athletes won’t do anything like that – it would be too embarrassing for them to try and change the outcome of a game. Don’t ever talk about tanking like it’s real – it’s not true.”

John Tortorella wants to rebuild the team while making sure they have a good culture within. However, he doesn’t want to make these hockey “gods” mad by picking Connor Bedard in this draft.

Tortorella said that even in Hockey, there are gods that watch to see if a person is working their best and they will be rewarded for it. He also shared that he gets lots of mail showing how people want to win again so badly. Tortorella added that you don’t get there by “tanking” which means not trying. You get there by doing things the right way like they plan to do here.

The Philadelphia Flyers have been doing really well recently, having won three out of their four last games. This might be bad news for them because it ruins their chance of getting the first pick in the draft lottery. Even though they still stand a good chance to win the lottery, Coach Totorella isn’t planning on letting his team slack off.

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